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Review Comments for The Veil

“As a simple story of English villagers battling the evil that threatens to claim their home, it’s engrossing and enjoyable, but it’s also much deeper than that, telling us something about where evil comes from, about fear and despair, but also about love, self-sacrifice, faith and friendship.”

Vicky Hooper, Book-blogger

“Overall this is an ambitious concept, but Jerry Ibbotson pulls the different strands together to make a very enjoyable read.”

“The Veil had me gripped from start to finish, a great little horror story that doesn’t overly shock and should appeal to those who don’t usually read horror.”

“…a good old-fashioned ghost story, complete with characters you can root for and a well thought out story arc. I would recommend to those who prefer the creepy to the gore.


Review Comments for Chosen:

“An absorbing debut novel from a talented author, recommended.”

“Chosen is a truly deep, intelligent read, though most importantly a wonderfully enjoyable read…”

“…. a promising debut… There were moments in the book that allowed me to lose myself within its pages and this is what first-class fantasy is all about.”

“An enjoyable first novel – must have been, as I read it in one sitting – with enough grip to keep you turning the page. Moments of pure genius.”

“If you are a fan of urban fantasy written cinematically with a very human and real main protagonist, Chosen may be the right read for you… there are some amazingly well written passages which just ask for being read out loud.”

“The plot is inventive and original, culminating in an extraordinary climax, and concluding in an unexpected twist.”

“…this is not just about a man going on an incredible journey, but about morality, love, beliefs and power.”

“It’s a book of the twenty-first century that still stands in a long tradition of writing”