When love is stronger than fear, marvellous things can happen…

Magic books, undead vicars, God and fondue forks are brought together in the story of Alex Preston: a grumpy, daydreaming office worker who finds a tunnel in the basement at work.

It leads to a land full of magic and fantasy. Armed with a sleeping bag and a small torch, Alex leaves his family behind and sets off to explore.

It’s not long before his adventure begins to unravel rather alarmingly and the story builds to an explosive climax.

Alex finally discovers the meaning of real magic and learns that when love is stronger than fear, marvellous things can happen.

Chosen was first published in the UK in October 2008.  It has received some excellent reviews and was picked up by (dearly departed) Borders and Waterstones. Not too shabby for a self published novel from a first time writer.

Have a sneaky peek:  Chosen Chapter One

Have a listen to Jerry reading from Chapter One: