First draft of new book finished

The first draft of my third book, Featherfall, is now complete. (I actually finished it last week but have been slightly wrapped up in Veil gibberage*).

This is another urban fantasy though with less of the horror / ghosts theme that runs through The Veil. The full blurb is here.

I’ve not idea whatsoever when this will be out. I’ve got my gnarled old fingers crossed that this will be ‘the one’ that gets picked up by a publisher and leads to untold wealth and admiration from young trendy types with small beards / trim waists..

So that means I’ll be self publishing next year then.

Ba-doosh. I’m here all week.


*A bit like nonsense. You’ll all be saying it by Christmas.

On a roll. Easy now.

Clearly, having a strange man cut me open and rummage around in my innards has done something to my creative drive. A week on from spending half an hour naked and unconscious on a table, I’ve set up a Kobo account and uploaded Chosen.

Kobo, if you don’t know, is an a ereader and ebook service that in some parts of the world is way bigger than Kindle / Amazon. It’s Canadian based (though Japanese owned) and the company have recently launched a new range of hardware.

Chosen should be ready to download in a day or so. The Veil will be following suit sooner after.

Oh, and I had my staples out today.

Rock and roll.




Trapped in dressing gown. Please send help.

My confinement continues. I’ve spent the last 8 million days (actually, since Wednesday but it feels longer) in my dressing gown. I have some nice staples holding my together but hopefully they’ll be out in a couple of days (cue more screaming and wailing from yours truly).

My bedroom now feels like a prison and the downstairs to my house like a foreign land. Not that I’ve been feeling very ill but whenever I do come downstairs I just have the urge to go and lie down again. Bloody slacker.

Two things have happened though. I am absolutely ready to go with The Veil (yes, I am banging on about that again). There’s nothing at all to stop me clicking Publish on the Kindle site and sending it out to the world. Except I’m being an enormous blouse and am a tiny bit afraid that no bugger will want to read it. Every day it’s not out there is a day when I cam dream about it being a huge success and fortune and glory coming knocking on my door.

The other thing is this:


That is the last page of the first draft of my next book, Featherfall. Finished today from the comfort of my dressing gown. I’m a glutton for punishment.

Can I go back to bed now?





Nurse, the screens…

I’m writing this while sitting up in bed after an operation (my own bed  at home I hasten to add; there was only so much daytime TV I could stand). I only say this because my blood stream is still flowing with general anaesthetic and I may go off on a drug induced tangent at any moment. I have to say it’s good stuff: I had the canula stuck in my arm by a junior doctor who shook so much the trolley was vibrating. But within a few seconds of the drug getting into me I felt my face flush. Then, that was it. Well, from what I can remember.

It’s weird. A bit like “all of a sudden” but not. I can’t say the next thing I knew I was awake. I think I could sense that time had passed and there was some kind of thought process going on. I remember taking a puff on the oxygen mask and thinking, “Will I remember this?”.

Then I felt myself waking up from sleep with a voice saying something about a tube in my throat being taken out. I couldn’t believe the operation had been done already.

There are definitely worse experiences.

See, I said I’d ramble. But it’s worth jotting that down as it’s been “interesting” and you never know when it might come in handy.

Anyway, that wasn’t the point of the post. Neither were the lovely staple removers the hospital gave me, in case my local GP surgery don’t have any when it comes time for the staples in my belly to come out.

Rambling again Ibbotson.

So: The Veil. It’s teetering on the brink of being available as a Kindle book. Shall we say next week for a “soft launch”? Okay then. And I’ll make sure it’s priced right. How about on a par with a decent coffee and a small snack? I think that’s fair for something that took a year or more to write and will hopefully take up a few hours of the readers’ time. (I’ve optimistically written that as a plural. I hope it’s not tempting fate).

Why self publish and why an e-book?

Unlike when I had finished Chosen, I do have an agent, the excellent G M Jordan. But The Veil has been finished for nearly two years, long enough for me to have written (at the time of writing this) a big chunk of my third book. I’m impatient for people to read it; to have the tale of Martin, Adele and the brothers “out there”. Stories are meant to be read and, I hope, enjoyed.

It’s not an attempt to gain the attention of a publisher. In fact, there’s a worry that it might put them off: that The Veil might be disregarded for being second-hand. (If I sound a little presumptive, please blame the drugs). But it’s worth the risk. Seeing The Veil gathering e-dust is more of a concern.

And the ebook thing? Put it this way: I’ve got box loads of unsold copies of Chosen at home and in my in-laws garage. Hardly the most razor sharp argument for e-publishing ever but when you’ve tripped over yet another “bloody box of buggering books” it hits home. So what if I like a physical book? What I like isn’t the point at this moment in time.

And it’s on its way to Kindle because that’s the easiest format to do self publishing in. Apple’s e-bookstore isn’t open to foreign Johnny authors like me. I’d have to use a third party company. Sod that.

I’d like to ask a favour though. If you do read it, could you talk about it? It doesn’t have to be in ridiculously glowing terms, honesty is what matters. But in a wide, wide ocean of published and self-published work, I’m just a tiny boat with one oar. What I need are a few good friends to nudge me along in the right direction and get my story of fear, courage and above all love to an audience that might enjoy it.

The drugs are starting to wear off now and my normal faculties are returning. Time for some of that lovely Codeine. Where’s Hattie Jacques when you need her?



Time to come clean…

The Veil is coming out as a Kindle ebook in the very near future. There’s no exact date but it is ready to roll. I’ve got the file sitting here in my hard drive and it’s looking good. It’s just up to me to hit the big Go button when the time is right.

More details and a launch countdown coming soon…


How to read a Kindle book without …. er… a Kindle

Not that this relates to anything I’m doing of course but did you know that it’s possible to read one of those splendid Kindle books without actually owning a Kindle? Well it is.

There’s this splendid Kindle app / software / whateveryouwanttocall it that you can download. On Android, for example, you grab it at the Google Play store and for PC from the KIndle/Amazon site. Easy Peasy.

And then you can read Kindle books on your favourite device: phone, tab, laptop, old shoe with a piece of string tied to it*.

All you need is something to read.

*a lie.



The Cover leak in full. Kind of.

We teased you last week with talk of the possible cover design for The Veil on Kindle. Now we can show you what we think it will look like (not that our mock up of the mock up wasn’t top-notch). We’ve been able to hack into Ibbotson’s computer HQ (left on a number 5 bus) to bring you this:

What do you think?


This is not what the cover will look like at all.

We have unearthed more details of the apparent launch of Jerry Ibbotson’s new book The Veil in Kindle format. One of our team of ace hackers (Nige’s lad Wayne) has unearthed a mock-up of the cover. We were hoping to reveal it today but this had been delayed due to technical issues (Wayne’s mum walked in on him).

There will be more news when we have it. In the meantime, here’s a mock-up of the mock-up: