Another review!

From time to time, usually mid-way through a Friday afternoon, I throw out a call on Twitter for any book bloggers or reviewers who might be after a free read.  With Chosen  now being a Kindle as well as a paperback, it’s easy enough to email someone a file.  That’s what I did the other […]

Back from the Dead – Part 1

  When I gave this site its super shiny new look, I also managed to kill all my old blog posts.  But fear not, for I have managed to salvage them and have decided to re-post some of the better bits. To kick off, here’s the first part of my “Defence of Self Publishing” from […]

I know how she feels…

I’ve just read this article on the Guardian website: It’s by a small publisher who loses money every time Amazon buys a copy of one of her books. What’s interesting is not just the article, but the way that many people have responded.  Many seem to think it’s her fault, not Amazon’s.  I think […]

I turn up in unexpected places.

Note: this has been amended, as the link I had original posted took you to the CBBC website. Doh….   I was rather surprised today to find myself on Youtube.  Okay, so I have posted the odd video there myself but they mainly consist of me getting model helicopters stuck in trees.  But now I’ve […]

The new look site….

…. is half alive. Well, I swear I saw it  breathing.   I’ve decided to bin the old site and move lock,  stock and barrel, to WordPress.  I know it all looks a bit rough and ready at the moment but I’m hoping to knock it into shape pretty quickly.   In the meantime, I […]