Some advice from Hercules Poirot…

I’m posting this for two reasons: To remind the world that I do audio stuff: recording, editing, mixing and so on… Because it’s cool. I recently recorded an 90 minute interview with the actor David Suchet, of Poirot fame, for a project with one of my long-standing audio customers, York Courses. It was recorded at […]

Who let the cat out?

You know Schrodinger’s cat, right? Sure you do. Everyone knows Schrodinger’s cat. It’s the thought experiment proposed by Erwin Schrodinger in 1935 to illustrate certain aspects of quantum mechanics. ‘Course it is. There’s a cat (obvs.). It’s in a sealed box. There’s a lump of radioactive “stuff” (look, I never said I was a scientist), […]

Do you know Jack?

Jack of All Trades… Yeah, we all know what comes next. It’s a way of describing someone who isn’t really good at any one thing. A bit flaky perhaps. Dipping in and out of various jobs maybe. Not like someone with a proper job. Like A Doctor or A Lawyer or A Civil Engineer. You […]

Knuckling down

One of the (very, very many) things that make me grind my teeth about social media is when I read those “I am writing. 2000 words done” tweets. As if your success as a writer is measured entirely in word counts. My immediate response (actually, my second response – the first is “Go f*** yourself”) […]

Friday Coffee

I’m sitting in one of my two favourite coffee places, the Perky Peacock in the funny little round tower next to Lendal Bridge, and my drink tastes even better than normal My friend Nicola, the owner and boss [and incidentally the 12th best barista in the UK] has a stack of copies of Chosen for […]

The Veil – in paperback?

Okay, so hands up who’d fancy a hard copy of The Veil in paperback? Not everyone’s into ebooks and that Kindle malarkey and there’s a lot to be said for an actual, y’know, book. I’m considering self-publishing The Veil in paperback format but would love to know if there’s an audience for it. Would you […]

The Veil – Kindle Freebie

Oh you lucky people. I’m giving The Veil away for free (in Kindle format) for a very limited time only, starting on the 21st of May. Spring, nay scramble over to the Kindle site to grab a copy and amaze your friends. Hang on, this self-deprecation lark isn’t going to get me very far. If […]