An actual book…

In my house we have a space that an estate agent would grandly call a Utility Room. It contains such exciting things as the washing machine, freezer, piles of recording gear and radio controlled models. It also has boxes and boxes of unsold paperback versions of Chosen (that’s what happens when a national book chain […]

Winner, Winner!

Well, if you count second place (which I do, clearly). Back in March I entered a writing competition – The Fiction Desk 2016 Short Ghost Story. Well I won a prize! Second place (from a shortlist of 15 and around 470 total entries) and some useful cash* plus the chance to see my story, The […]

Android Owners May Rejoice…

… for on this day (well, last Thursday actually) Chosen and The Veil became available on Google Play Books. So that means even more people can read my work on their own choice on electronical magickery machines. Fabulous. You can find links in the Bookstore section.  

Zoom H6n Review on Audiomedia

In a spirit of utterly shameless self-promotion here’s a link to a review I’ve written for Audiomedia of the new Zoom H6n audio recorder. Spoiler alert – I rather like it: This way to the review. Go on, you know you want to. And yes, Audiomedia did spell my name wrong. They always do that. […]

The Kraken Sleepeth

Over the years of producing game audio, one area I only every dipped in and out of was voice work. Given my background is in radio, as a journo and newsreader, I’m certainly used to recording voices. But I’ve got to be honest and say I’ve never really been ‘into’ game voice recording on a […]

So here’s a thing…

I write loads. Not that you’d necessarily know it from this poor unloved website. I’m currently contributing to another book from the people who published 1001 Cars a year or so back. This one’s on a totally different subject but it’s still interesting work. And I’ve been beavering away for Audiomedia of late – the […]

Research into sound recorders

That has to rank as one of the dullest post titles ever. But… I’m doing some research into portable recorders (the kind that I use a lot) and am looking for people who use them for different tasks. Right now I’m after users who aren’t necessarily sound-people (in a technical, not moral sense): people who […]