Winner, Winner!

Well, if you count second place (which I do, clearly).

Back in March I entered a writing competition – The Fiction Desk 2016 Short Ghost Story.

Well I won a prize! Second place (from a shortlist of 15 and around 470 total entries) and some useful cash* plus the chance to see my story, The Intruder, published in an anthology of ghost stories.

Let me just say, I’m rather pleased. A week or so before I’d received another rejection and was feeling a bit down. But now I know someone out there likes the words I hurl at the page. Huzzah!

The story itself felt a bit “special” as I was writing it. It’s about a woman who moves into a rented house with her two teenage sons and finds…

Obviously that would give it away but I like to think it marries suspense, realism and even a little bit of sadness into 4000 words.

Oh, and here’s a link to prove I’m not a fibber. Here. This one.

*Note: all cash is useful