So here’s a thing…

I write loads. Not that you’d necessarily know it from this poor unloved website.

I’m currently contributing to another book from the people who published 1001 Cars a year or so back. This one’s on a totally different subject but it’s still interesting work.

And I’ve been beavering away for Audiomedia of late – the magazine I’ve been writing for since 2002. That makes me feel old.

Just the other day I was writing a piece for them about the audio problems you get when shooting video on a DSLR camera (ie it’s rubbish). I had a good look at various bits of hardware that can make things better for you. The very next day a friend, who’s a farmer-cum-media-tart asked for advice on some video demos he wants to shoot.

“Ooh,” I thought, “I know what you need…” And so some very clever audio-for-video kit is hopefully on its way to me as I write this, for a bit of hands-on evaluation and further reflection in Audiomedia.

Which has made me think – why don’t I talk more about technology on these pages? I’ve posted a couple of things from my audio work recently (such as the clean up power of Audition and Izotope RX3 and my work on audio recorders) but I think I can do better, without compromising my magazine work.

So that’s what I’m going to do – dazzle you with my technical brilliance.

Stop laughing at the back.