This is not really about cheese…

I was going to scribble something about jobs and careers and stuff today, as part of my attempt to not-ignore my blog. But something else has fired me up.

In fact this is something which fires me up quite often and which I am trying to train myself to ignore – seeing something on social media that just lights a flame inside me. And not in a good way.

Imagine you like cheese. You’ve liked cheese for quite a while but not to the exclusion of other foods, dairy or otherwise. Some of your other friends and family members like cheese too but others don’t and that’s not a problem. In fact some of those you love and cherish the most have very different views about cheese to your own. But at the end of the day, it’s just cheese and your friendship is far more important.

But then someone you follow on Twitter, though not a friend in real life, retweets something that winds you up. It’s a Tweet from someone really famous and really jolly clever. In fact most of the time they trade in being really jolly clever indeed. And they appear to be randomly taking the piss out of cheese.

It’s hard not to take it a little bit personally. I mean you actually enjoy this person’s work, up to a point, but you also happen to be a cheese liker. The two things are not mutually exclusive. But here they are making no distinction between a good old-fashioned Cheddar and some really strong, sweaty Brie. All cheese is bad cheese, it seems, and all cheese likers are hate filled lunatics. To say otherwise is ridiculous.

Loads of their devoted Twitter followers have now responded, like kids in the playground gathering round someone getting a kicking from the hardest lad in class.



The thing is, the cheese they detest is not actually the cheese that you like. The cheese you like is perfectly accommodating of others and keeps itself to itself. And you’re no fan of really strong, overly ripe Camembert either. It’s just not your thing.

But this celebrity cheese-hater sees all cheese through the prism of their own thoughts and values. There is no difference. All cheese is wrong and a danger to health.

Hang on though, didn’t they have a well known cheese-lover on that BBC programme of theirs? The cheese-devotee everyone loves? The one that used to be in that band? You don’t remember them abusing him over his passion for curdled milk. So maybe they’re just playing a game. Only you don’t know the rules.

And no, of course it’s not about cheese.