2013 beckons me but so do the mini-Cheddars…

While my wife goes out to work in a proper job I’m still in my dressing gown, staring at the Christmas tree and decorations. I know I have to take them down at some point today but there’s a cupboard full of potato/nut/cheese based snacks calling to me from the kitchen. I think it’s fair to say we “overachieved” in the snack-buying department this festive season.

2013 lies before me like a big blank page and I’m determined to achieve something with it. 2012 was about survival (not literally – I wasn’t left out in the woods with nothing but a pen knife and an old shoe) but I want the next twelve months to be… well… better.

I guess that means making some kind of Resolutions. I’m definitely not going to join a gym as:

  1. That involves money. I do not have money.
  2. That involves being in close proximity to sweating people. I do not wish to be in close proximity to sweating people.

So if I dismiss anything involving personal moistness and spending money, what can I try to achieve this year?

On the writing side of things I need to make better use of the various tools at my disposal. I’ve got this website plus Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and more. What I need to do is marshal them and use them better, so I can spread the word about the wordz wot I write. It’s just question of how.

There are gazillions (an actual number, I looked it up) of wannabe and self-published writers out there and a quick look at twitter shows dozens at a time plugging their work. But there’s not much point if no-one’s listening.

I also need to find new outlets for my non-fiction writing, making better use of the different skills I have (said with irony). Another thing on my list is to improve my photographic skills, maybe with a course in studio photography.

On the audio front it’s time to dust myself down post-Media Mill and get back in the saddle. From a technical point of view there’s never been an easier time to work on-the-go with a plethora of mobile kit and software available.

And from a personal point of view, I want to stop getting so wound up by things that I read online (Twitter and Facebook being prime sources of annoyance). I need to learn to ignore stuff that raises my blood pressure instead of getting sucked into pointless arguments that spiral on and on. Better to unfollow than fan the flames.

But first, I need to write all this down. And that means a pen and paper.

And snacks.