Review for The Veil on



The Veil has been reviewed on, a site that gave a thumbs up to Chosen a while ago. It’s interesting to hear the views of people who’ve read both books and have seen my writing style change (by which I mean improve!).

Do reviews matter? I’m not sure what the clever answer is but they do to me. At least when they’re fair and you can tell they’re written open-mindedly (is that even a word?). I write to be read, not for my work to sit in a desk drawer or in a darkened corner of my hard drive.

Even some of those who enjoyed Chosen criticised it for being a bit rough around the edges; as a first book (and a self published one to boot) can often be, So it’s reassuring to hear a┬áthird┬áparty say I’ve sharpened up.

Want to know what else they think? Read the full review.