A Quick Round-Up…

Lots of little things  have happened over the past week or so and I thought it might be worth rounding them all up.

In no particular order:

Both Chosen and The Veil are now available on Kobo (as epub files). Kobo works in a similar way to Kindle, in that you don’t actually need a hardware Kobo-ereader to read their books. There’s an app for phones, tablets and laptops / PCs. That¬†said, they have just launched a reader for a nadge under fifty quid. Look, I’m providing a service here; giving out vital public information.

I’ve started tweaking the manuscript for Featherfall, my third novel. The ever-helpful Matt Lee, who proof read and helped me edit Chosen and The Veil, has been hard at work reading this new book and giving me feedback and criticism.

On the audio side of things (my day job) I’ve just spent a day recording a vicar and a bishop talking in a small room. There were several references to The Life of Brian (including an excellent take on Terry Jones as Brian’s mum Mandy) and even a Roy Orbison impression. It pays the bills.

Oh, and you’ll be pleased to now that I’ve recovered from my operation and things have healed nicely,

Too much information?