I turn up in unexpected places.

Note: this has been amended, as the link I had original posted took you to the CBBC website. Doh….


I was rather surprised today to find myself on Youtube.  Okay, so I have posted the odd video there myself but they mainly consist of me getting model helicopters stuck in trees.  But now I’ve turned up in someone else’s posting.


A pristine copy of Chosen has turned up in a charity shop and become part of the haul of books that this young lady* picked up.  I know this seems like vanity on my part, getting so excited at being mentioned anywhere on the web, but it is fundamental to why I love writing: to be read by complete strangers.  I get a buzz at the thought that my words, stories and ideas are out there in the world.

Yes, yes I know how sad that sounds but it’s true.  I just hope she enjoys it!  Oh, Chosen only crops up about  half way through by the way.


*Good grief, did I really say “young lady”??   To mis-quote Robert Oppenheimer, “I am become my nan.”